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    Stakeholder Engagement

    Our goal: provide the region with an ecologically safe object of economic development and create new jobs.

    Stakeholder Interaction Policy is one of the key elements of the planning, development, and implementation of Dniprovska projects.

    SIP (Stakeholder Interaction Policy) - it is the company's approach to the involvement and cooperation of interested parties, including the public, to provide information related to current plans for the development, construction, and implementation of new investment projects.

    For the successful management of risks and reduction of the impact on the population that comes into contact with the production activities of the Company enterprises, the key factor is effective interaction with the public. This approach contributes not only to the reduction of possible harmful effects of production but also to the achievement of positive results and benefits for the local population.

    The process of interaction between the Company and interested parties has the following goals:

    1. Identifying and understanding the interests of all stakeholders and planning interaction with them.
    2. Provision of timely, reliable, and relevant information in an understandable form.
    3. Use of information received from stakeholders to assess the impact and manage negative consequences.
    4. Creation of a mechanism for constant and effective interaction with interested parties.
    5. Allowing interested parties to express their views and concerns through consultations or other means of communication.
    6. Determination of the Company's resources and the management structure for the implementation of the SIP.
    7. The mechanism for consideration of complaints and appeals for obtaining information about the claims of interested parties.
    8. Regular publication of reports on the company's environmental and social activities.

    The company strives to ensure open, effective communication with interested parties and compliance with the following principles:

    In order to ensure continuous and systematic contact with interested parties, the Company has appointed a responsible person - The manager of administrative activities of AIGC "Dniprovska" LLC (A.O. Zamotaeva).

    For appeals, complaints, and suggestions, you can contact:

    Format of information received by the Company:

    Basic information requirements, which come to the Company:

    1. The information received through the official website of the Company is processed and classified by functional topic by the regional manager of ZED "Poultry complex "Dniprovskyi" LLC (Usatenko S.Y.).
    2. The information is sent by e-mail to the Functional Director (Head).
    3. All proposals, complaints, requests for cooperation, and requests from individuals, as well as anonymous information, must be sent to the Director of Economic Security of the Company.
    4. After reviewing the information, the functional manager appoints responsible persons for studying and verifying the information contained in the document.
    5. If there are return contacts in the application, the answer is sent to the specified address. In the absence of feedback, the information is taken into account and used in the daily activities of the Company.
    6. The terms of response to the received information are determined by the Director (Head) of the function, but not more than 15 working days.
    7. Appointment of persons responsible for interaction with interested parties and monitoring their activities.
    8. Information about the project is posted in an accessible and understandable format on the Company's website.
    9. Project information is readily available on the company's website and may include tasks, facility characteristics, construction stages, and risks. If necessary, possible impacts on the livelihood of interested parties are highlighted.
    10. One of the methods of consideration of the subject is to organize substantive consultations with interested parties, during which all issues requiring attention are discussed.
    11. Formation of regular reports on the implementation of environmental and social indicators should have a form of information submission accessible to interested parties, and should also be posted on the Company's website at least once a year.

    Dniprovska Agro-industrial Group. Stakeholder Engagement Plan Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Counseling for 2017-2022 Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Counseling for 2017-2023


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