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    Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder engagement (including public information and counseling) is one of the key elements of planning, development and implementation of the projects designed by Dniprovska Group.

    An efficient participation of stakeholders is beneficial to design processes, creates strong relationship with local communities and reduces possibility of project delays owing to anticipatorily settled issues arising during production activity of the Company.

    Stakeholder Engagement Policy (SEP) is an approach of the Company to engage stakeholders, including population, in disclosing information which concerns current plans for development, construction and implementation of the new investment projects.

    The Company Management considers stakeholder engagement to be one of the key aspects of the advanced business practice and civil liability of private sector, as well as one of the tools for project quality improvement.

    Efficient community engagement is one of the essential preconditions for successful risk management, reduction of impact on population exposed to effects of the Company enterprise production activity, as well as for increase in hereto related benefits for population.

    Stakeholder engagement is a process free from manipulations. It is a continuous process covering the whole period of the Company life.

    The goal is to provide a region with a sustainable, safe for the environment and the community economic development entity and create jobs.

    The Company and Stakeholder relationship is intended:

    Disclosing information and stakeholder engagement involve the guidelines set forth by the Company as follows:

    To ensure continuous and consistent contact with stakeholders, the Company has assigned a person in charge: Administration Manager, LLC Dniprovska AIG, (Zamotayeva А.О.) tel.050.4843061 E-mail:, who will receive appeals, process and classify information by functional subject, respond to incoming appeals (received by e-mail, telephone or personally).

    Channels for receiving information:

    Incoming information format:

    Information received on the official web-site of the Company is processed and classified according to functional subjects by Regional FEA Manager of LLC “Poultry Complex “Dniprovsky” (Usatenko S.Y.). Then it will be e-mailed to Area Director (manager).

    All suggestions, inquiries as to cooperation, complaints and appeals of natural persons, as well as anonymous information will be sent at all times to Economic Security Director of the Company.

    After reviewing the received information Area Manager will assign persons in charge for studying issues, checking and assessing data contained in a document, possible ways of their application. Also he/she determines format and orientation of necessary response (reply) to the received information.

    If an appeal contains return contacts, a reply will be sent to the indicated address. If there is no return address, the information will be taken into consideration and used in everyday activity of the Company.

    Time of response (data studying and reply preparation) to the received information is determined by the Area Director (Manager), but may not exceed 15 working days.

    Assignment of persons in charge responsible for implementation and monitoring of stakeholder engagement, their tasks, obligations and authorities, is carried out under company-wide directive.

    Information on a project in local language is posted in comprehensible and accessible format on the Company website It contains main tasks, object characteristics, stages of construction and reconstruction. There might be reports, if applicable, on possible environmental and social impacts on stakeholder life, possible risks.

    One of the options for discussing subjects is a substantial stakeholder counseling, during which all issues requiring settlement are addressed.

    Regular reports on environmental and social performance are drawn under persons’ in charge guidance and should have a form accessible for stakeholders, and posted on the Company website at least once a year.

    DniprovskaAgro-industrial Group. Stakeholder Engagement Plan (pdf file, 0.9 Mb)

    Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Counseling for 2017-2019 (pdf file, 0.2 Mb)

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