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    Reconstruction of the slaughterhouse and processing of poultry meat

    In 2018, the implementation of a large-scale investment project began - the reconstruction of the poultry slaughter and processing shop. The project's third phase is set to finish by the end of 2023.

    The main goal of this project is the gradual modernization of production, which was carried out in three phases:

    First turn: construction of a shop for technical products of the CTF.

    Second turn: construction of a slaughter shop (including the main production and buildings) and an ammonia compressor plant.

    Third turn: the construction of a slaughterhouse (this includes auxiliary production, buildings with refrigerating, freezing chambers, and shipping expedition), as well as administrative buildings.

    Today, the equipment of leading European manufacturers, such as: "Meyn-food", "GEA", "HEINEN", "Mavitec", "Wolf" and others, is already being installed. Due to the results of its work, the production capacity is expected to be increased to 12,000 heads/hour, and 19,200 heads/day.

    Energy complex using biofuel for energy production

    One of the alternative sources of renewable energy is biofuel, which can be obtained from the waste of poultry farms, in particular from chicken litter with litter (CPP), which belongs to the IV hazard class. The notion of using chicken droppings along with litter and sunflower husks to create a natural gas replacement served as the foundation for the project at AIGC "Dniprovska".

    In 2018, the construction of the first phase of the "Energy Complex using biofuel for energy production" was completed. It is planned to implement the second stage of this complex in AIGC "Dniprovska".

    Incubation shop of Poultry complex "Dniprovskyi" LLC

    УIn connection with the increase in the volume of poultry meat production, the reconstruction of the incubation shop was completed in 2022, which included the construction of a new incubation hall, two hatching halls, expansion of the egg storage area, and other technological premises.

    After the reconstruction, the automation of the technical process was implemented, such as automatic egg laying, chick selection, vaccination, and other operations. After the completion of the reconstruction, the capacity of the shop increased to 94 million eggs per year, and the daily planting of young broiler chickens is 60-62 million heads per year.

    Workshop for the production of compound feed LLC "Poultry complex "Dniprovskyi"

    НTo date, a large investment project for the reconstruction and construction of new production facilities has been implemented. As a result of the reconstruction of the plant for the production of compound feed, the volume of production of granular feed increased to 18,000 tons per month, equal to more than 225,000 tons per year.

    The commissioning of two technological process control lines for the production of complete feed is carried out with the help of equipment from the companies Buhler (Switzerland), Amandus Kahl (Germany), and PP Lubnymash (Ukraine).



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