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    Our Ideology and Values

    Our Ideology and Values

    Our Ideology

    Dniprovska Group is the Ukrainian agricultural company being constantly in a fast-paced development, ranks in the top 5 of Ukraine’s poultry meat producers. The Company continuously increases its market share both in Ukraine and abroad, develops its infrastructure; expands production capacity and manages to increase production output.

    The Company ideology is focused on development. Shareholders direct considerable funds to technology and production improvement. Investment programs involve modernization of the existing production facilities and construction of the new ones and even full production complexes.

    Adopted for the next five-seven years investment program involves important funds. During these last years huge projects have been delivered: production capacity expansion for own oil crushing plant (Vilnyansk), setup of modern local and imported oil-plant processing equipment; commissioning of in-house biomass (poultry manure) CHP-plant allowing to solve a problem of production waste disposal and improve environmental situation in the region. Reconstruction of the existing and construction of a new slaughter and poultry meat processing department are now at the final stage; new poultry breeding sites are under construction, etc. Reconstruction of “Zaporizkiy” breeding poultry plant and purchasing of new high-technology agricultural vehicles are on the roadmap.

    All that we do is done by people and for people. For this reason, we give priority to the product quality, personnel satisfaction; highly appreciate trust in us and consider it a key factor of the Company success.

    Alongside own production expansion and modernization, new jobs are created, infrastructure is improved. The Company constantly increases its charity share and improves social profile in the region.

    Taking into account the Ukrainian local market trends, labour outflows for temporary work, qualified personnel deficiency is rather noticeable, and we face difficulties in personnel recruitment.

    Personnel recruitment is arranged in different directions: this is not only engagement of the experienced professionals from home region and other parts of Ukraine, but also involvement of recent graduates (university graduates, participation in career fairs, etc.). Special attention is paid to employee pool training (implemented apprenticeship program, talent management).

    The Company believes that the tools for expert involvement and retention are a rather high level of remuneration, payment of fair net salary and providing employees with accommodation during these recent years. Only in 2018 twelve apartments were purchased for the employees of the Company enterprises, equipped dormitory rooms, free meals at the production sites, pay package now includes corporate mobile phone. Own recreational compound is open by the sea of Azov, etc..

    Another important tool for expert involvement and retention is personal development, training and gaining experience at the Company’s expense, including familiarization with world’s technologies: workshops, conferences, expos both in Ukraine and abroad.

    All the achievements of Dniprovska Group, its gains in performance even in the most difficult periods are straightforwardly related to activity of our professional team. Today our staff consists of over 3000 employees, and without exaggeration we can say, that it is personnel of the Company, that makes its essential asset ensuring business stability in any conditions.

    Our Values

    We see the Company values as philosophy and fundamental principles for behavior of its employees. They form culture of our Company, its individuality and reputation.

    We realize it is values, which mainly determine rules and standards of behavior, principles of work performance and interaction with colleagues and customers. It is values, which are a key to performance of our staff.

    We see corporate values as a source of development and improved efficiency of the personnel:

    Our Team

    The Company is, above all, people working for it, their knowledge, competences, skills and experience. We have a common goal.

    Working in a business team allows achieving important results. All together we are stronger and capable of finding solutions to the most complicated tasks.

    Success of the employees is the success of the Company.

    We create such opportunities for the employees, so they could realize their fullest potential.

    We appreciate individual achievements of every employee, however we realize how important to work in team to accomplish common objectives and tasks.

    Quality and Consumer-Oriented  Approach

    We respect our business colleagues, customers and consumers; treat them so as we want they would treat us.

    We believe that people work better if their relationship is based on loyalty. We work for preserving our superior value – customer loyalty.

    We work respecting rules, which oblige us to fulfill promises given to our customers. Everything produced by Dniprovska Group is motivated by effort to fulfill its obligations and supply the market with the highest quality products.


    We know what we do and use knowledge, experience and competences to get results. We are not ready to rest and constantly improve skills of our employees. We always strive for more.

    We firstly consider involvement of the personnel with the quality, social consciousness and internal motivation, which would enable employees to become as efficient as possible in our Company.

    Striving to have skilled employees is a competent advantage of our business.

    Innovations and Development

    We build Company in a long run. In our everyday activity, we are constantly looking for new solutions aimed at reliability and performance improvement. To progress means to be in continuous search for possibilities of self-improvement.

    We try to find a creative approach to problem solution, form new development trends and implement fresh ideas being ahead of our competitors, thus ensuring high quality and competitiveness of our products.

    The Company is ready to invest funds in personnel development and quality of life improvement.

    Our objective is to create development opportunities for our employees. We are convinced that people are the main asset. We lay out expenditures for personnel training and development, giving opportunities for professional growth.

    We always move beyond…

    Compliance with Laws and Public Order

    We comply with the effective laws of Ukraine and international legal regulations. We respect corporate values and principles of management, run business under internal Rules and Procedures.

    We protect the Company interests by all legal, professional means.

    We fight fairly against corruption and negligence in the Company, do not accept, but stand against such phenomena in the government institutions and business entities.

    Environmental Protection

    We focus extensively on environmental safety at all stages of production activity: technology issues, sales and distribution, and investment program implementation. Throughout our Company history, we have always been proactive in environmental protection.

    We openly cooperate with the local communities; take part in implementation of their social projects.

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