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    Grievance Mechanism

    The Company has developed and implemented a grievance mechanism for stakeholders. Today the Company enables stakeholders to send complaints or appeals via the following ways:

    Complaints received via e-mail are considered by the person in charge on a daily basis and forwarded to relevant departments of the enterprise. Complaints received via regular mail or telephone accepted by a secretary and transmitted to the concerned departments for further decision.

    In compliance with EBRD requirements for the stakeholder engagement, the Company has to implement grievance mechanism described below.

    Once a person, in charge for complaint records and filing received a complaint, he/she makes an entry into a complaints and appeals log book the day it was received or the next day (if the complaint was received out of working hours). If the complaint has been received by a person who is not in charge for complaint records and filing, such a person will transmit the received information to the concerned person in charge within 1 working day.

    The received and registered complaints are sent for consideration to CEO of LLC Dniprovska Group within 1 working day. Within a day of complaint reception, CEO assigns a person in charge for consideration and taking decision on the appeal.

    Appeals and complaints are considered within the time limit specified by the Law of Ukraine “On citizen appeals”. Form of appeal or complaint is given in Appendix 1.

    A person, who submitted a complaint, will be informed about a decision on the complaint via contact method selected by the person in question.
    All complaints received during the year regardless the results of their consideration, are registered into the complaints and appeals log book given below.


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