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    High Level of Environmental Safety at the Enterprises of Dniprovska Group

    Compliance by the enterprises of Dniprovska Group with sanitary and environmental regulations is exceptionally important and uncompromising requirement in production activity, which principles are specified in an Environmental Policy of the Company.

    The Company obligations and strategic objectives concerning environment are a set of measures targeting environment protection, natural resource conservation and recovery, security of vital activity, implementation of non-waste and low-waste soft technologies to create optimum conditions for sustainable use of natural resources.

    Pursuit of raising the level of environmental safety consists in performing the following tasks:

    Dniprovska Group enterprises activity, for now, is carried out without disturbance of regional water budget and air balance system. The treated waste water quality complies with the approved maximum allowable emission requirements in terms of both volume and concentrations. For this purpose the Company supports scientific research and development of the advanced environmental technologies for waste recycling and waste water treatment.

    In terms of compliance with sanitary and environmental regulations, Dniprovska Group enterprises are the object of constant state inspection performed by State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection and environmental inspectorates, as well as by in-house certified ecologists and persons responsible for natural environment protection, whose work is related to environmental aspects of the enterprise activity.

    Poultry farms are constructed within sanitary protection zone. (Directive of Ministry of Health of Ukraine “On Approval of State Sanitary Rules for Settlement Planning” No. 173 dd. 19.06.1996).

    Poultry welfare is continuously improving in order to approximate their housing conditions to natural ones (increasing size of facilities where chicken is placed, decreasing number of heads per 1 m2 to ensure semi-free movement, etc.).


    Protocol of cooperation with sub-contractors for environment protection (pdf file, 2.0 Mb)

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