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    Day-old Chicks

    Day-old Chicks


    The bird was bred by Aviagen (Great Britain), which owns the rights to distribute chickens and eggs in more than 100 countries of the world.

    General description of the bird:

    By successfully crossing different breeds of meat chickens, the ROSS-308 hybrid was obtained, which showed high productivity in both meat production and egg laying. This hybrid has become very popular both in poultry farms and in private yards.


    The appearance of the ROSS-308 hybrid bird differs from purebred chickens, but it has a characteristic appearance, like that of a broiler. The body of ROSS-308 is massive, and rounded, with wide and strongly protruding breasts. The musculature is sufficiently developed. The legs are strong, wide apart, with well-defined thighs. The bright color of the legs, their power, and the width of the set got the bird from fighting breeds, where such physical features are necessary to ensure confidence during fights. The plumage of broilers is pure white and does not allow splashes of other colors. If there are any, this is a reason for culling the individual. In addition to the single-colored plumage, the bird has an even skin tone, so that the carcasses have an attractive marketable appearance. The same elasticity of the skin allows it not to slip and deform during freezing.


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