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    Company Strategy

    Company Strategy

    Main goal of DNIPROVSKA AGRO-INDUSTRIAL GROUP is to deliver products, which totally satisfy consumer needs and expectations.

    We are sure of the Company development potentials!

    Basic elements and guidelines of our business:

    Compliance with sanitary regulations is an important uncompromising requirement in our work

    We understand a notion of “poultry breeding” as a system of measures aiming at compliance with regulations and requirements in the premises and in the equipment operation, thus providing necessary poultry living environment approximated to a natural one.

    Environmental aspect as one of the basic principle of our activity

    Aimed at minimization of environmental, social and economic issues related to production process and finished product (poultry) components during its life cycle. It is based on environmental policy of the Company and involves stage-by-stage approaching to the set goal, selecting real objectives and determining real timeframes for their achievement. One of the trends is a fruitful cooperation with stakeholders and increase in environmental consciousness and culture of the employees, partners, consumers and other stakeholders.

    Increase in production, marketing development and promotion of the Company brands

    We are convinced, that marketing development under conditions of increase in environmental consciousness of society has a direct effect on the development trends of the markets themselves. Breaking new grounds of sales, particularly in the developed countries, promotion of own brands would be impossible without compliance with international environmental standards and stewardship criteria.

    Land Bank Increase

    Land bank is an important asset in agricultural production, for the reason we pay particular attention to this issue. Firstly, we are looking for possibilities to increase land bank in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. We purchase quality crop seeds for processing and imported vehicles. We are aware of importance to pursue reasonable financial and commercial policy to ensure good crops.

    Energy Conservation and Efficiency

    We tend to reduce energy consumption due to using a decreased number of energy supply services. Energy conservation, for us, is consuming less energy to ensure the same level of energy supplies for buildings or production processes. Using alternative energy sources and fuel. Solution to these tasks one can find at the interface of engineering, economics, legal studies and sociology.

    Our Mission

    We contribute to development of Ukraine’s agricultural potential, ensuring performance and improvement of poultry breeding and crop production technology to obtain maximum quality of the finished product.

    We are a reliable partner for all participants of agricultural market and consumers of agricultural products.

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