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    Biosafety for Dniprovska Agro-Industrial Group is a set of measures aimed at protection of the Company enterprises from impact of different factors, which may have negative effect on production results. This means preventing outbreak and spread of infectious diseases and causative gents within all business units (parent flock sites, incubation room, feed factory, broiler farming, slaughter and meat processing room, compound feed manufacturing facilities, etc.).

    Taking into account the fact that poultry farming is mainly of industrial nature, i.e. is carried out at a number of fattening sites, establishing a biosafety system and complying with its rules and norms becomes undoubtedly a crucial and mandatory principle in the Company.

    The Company uses a wide range of biosafety measures to minimize risk of contamination or epidemics among poultry stock.

    The Company basic biosafety principles:

    - increased focus is one of measures which raises level of biosafety at the production facilities, it means  setting such layout of poultry factories and poultry breeding sites, that broiler chickens of different age grade (parent flock and industrial broiler breeding areas) were placed on separated grounds, spaced apart.

    Same age grade poultry breeding within one breeding area, following ‘all in-all out’ concept, appropriate separation of breeding zones from surroundings, adequate facilities for poultry stock keeping, wild animals and birds control – all the above mentioned contributes to preventing from bringing infectious agents into poultry factories and minimizing risks of contamination and epidemies among the stock.

    We keep poultry in closed production facilities, each production object is surrounded by disinfection barriers and is situated at least at 300 to 1200 m away from the nearest inhabited communities. Such practice complies with international standards.

    - operation of the enterprises in restricted access mode – means total control over access and movement of employees, transport, equipment, animals, birds, etc. at the enterprises in order to minimize routes of cross-contamination.
    Access to production facilities is allowed only for the relevant unit staff, for unauthorized persons it is restricted or allowed only upon approval by the relevant management.

    To enter production facilities is only possible with a veterinary and sanitary pass; transport can enter only through a specially equipped disinfection barrier. Once one (an employee or a visitor) entered production facilities he/she goes through mandatory biosafety procedure (taking shower, wearing special sanitary clothes, shoes, head wear, etc.) and puts his/her signature in a visit log of the production facility.

    - human factor – the Company employees are obliged to carry out orderly and accurately all set of measures specified by Biosafety rules. Personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting of premises, stockmanship, visiting schedule – all the above mentioned and other activities are consistently performed by the personnel and visitors. That is why a role of the enterprise executives in personnel control, training and motivation is so important.

    - sanitary conditions – this stage includes: pest control, disinfection of premises, production waste management, compliance by personnel and visitors, subcontractors, etc. with hygiene and sanitation rules. During sanitation periods within production process after each breeding cycle, all production sites, containers, equipment are completely cleaned out and disinfected.

    An obligatory measure, which facilitates avoiding outbreak and spread of diseases, is a prevention based on a number of specific methods and techniques that ensure poultry immunity against infectious diseases, namely, vaccination.

    According to the laws of Ukraine, we vaccinate all chickens. Over its entire history the Company has never seen reported cases of stock mass diseases at the poultry factories. In case if an infection is detected, the enterprise will take measures to gain control over it and implement preventive actions to stop its spreading, including possible setting to quarantine.

    To prevent infectious disease outbreak, the personnel is not allowed to have any birds (pet birds or domestic fowl).

    We look after our employees’ health: the personnel have regular medical check. Before proceeding to work at the enterprises, all employees are mandatorily trained; we check continuously their knowledge on compliance with biosafety rules and hold personnel training.

    Besides, we have implemented rigorous biosafety measures at the feed factories. This includes access restriction, available disinfection barriers, warehouse premises disinfection, as well as surprise inspections of the raw materials and ready feed carried out on a regular basis in the in-house and regional laboratories.

    We also meticulously control feed supplies, minimize contact between the personnel and the stock; purchase the breeding stock, more resistant to different diseases.

    Dniprovska Group enterprises analyze and assess biosafety both for their personnel and products, take relevant measure to prevent dangerous situations.
    We continuously monitor innovations in the field of biosafety in order to implement the most advanced and efficient disease prevention methods. The Company Chief Medical Officer regularly revises and updates biosafety measures at the poultry factories in order to confirm protection efficiency, minimization of infection and epidemic hazard for the poultry stock.

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